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2018 Water Quality Report
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Last Updated: 2019/8/19
The 2018 Annual Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Report is now availavble.  The MWRA mails these reports directly to all residents of the member communities in compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  For more information please visit the MWRA website or to view this in electronic format please click the above link.

Hardcopies of these reports are avaialble at the Public Works Administrative Offices, 63 Main Street.

Our community newsletter reads as follows:

Northborough (PWS# 2215000) is a partner with other MWRA communities in providing our water users with the Annual Water Quality Report produced by the MWRA. For calendar year 2018, 100% of Northborough’s water was delivered from the MWRA system through one metered connection.  

After receiving the water from MWRA, Northborough distributes the water to our customers.  The Water Division maintains approximately 65 miles of distribution pipeline, over 575 fire hydrants and manages 4,208 accounts.  In 2018, the Town of Northborough’s Water Division delivered 326.44 million gallons of water to our customers.  As part of the routine maintenance program, the system is flushed twice a year to remove sediment and leak detection is performed semi-annually.

This project focused on replacing old undersized mains and services with reliable new materials which will significantly improve reliability, flow and fire protection while reducing the likelihood of breaks or leaks in the system. The improvements were specifically for the Park Street and Winn Street neighborhood.

Northborough has an ongoing program to eliminate possible cross connections from the distribution system.  In a typical water supply system, pressure is maintained in a system to adequately enable water to flow to the tap, shower head etc.  When pressure drops within the system (due to a water main break, fire demand, etc.) contaminated water could be drawn back into the system from potential sources within your house (hose, irrigation system, pool, etc.) or business.  Additional Cross Connection Control educational information is available on the Town’s website (

Northborough has conducted lead and copper testing and found that the action levels for both lead and copper have been met and we were able to reduce our sampling frequency to once a year. The 90th percentile sample levels for 2018 are 1.09 ppb for Lead and 107 ppb for Copper. These results were below the Action Levels of 15 ppb and 1300 ppb respectively.

Northborough conducts bacteriological testing and chlorine residual sampling for compliance with the Total Coliform Rule (TCR).  The TCR requires Northborough to take 16 bacteria samples per month (2 samples each per 8 locations).  Northborough had 2 positive samples, 1 in June and another in September. Both sets of results were below State standards and all follow-up test results were negative.

The Northborough Public Works Department, through its Water Division, continues its commitment to provide its customers with safe, high quality potable water. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Public Works Administrative Offices, 63 Main Street,  Northborough, MA 01532, call us at (508) 393-5030 or visit the Water Division’s website at:

Northborough Town Hall  63 Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532
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