Northborough Town Hall
63 Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532


        Effective January 1, 1994, the fee for a site assessment is $200.  The following procedures should be followed in order to initiate a request for site information:

1.      Send a letter to Chief David L. Parenti detailing
the property size, location, and present occupancy.

   2.    In the letter, outline the specific questions you have
                or areas which you would like us to address.

        3.      Send a site plan which outlines the entire parcel and
                which lists the abutters.

        4.      Send a check for the above-stated fee made payable
                to the Town of Northborough.

        The research for these surveys will include a permit and license record check, review of our database, and review of major incident history such as spills, leaks, and environmental problems during the previous five years.  Due to the extent of our research which is required to assure you the most complete information possible, only the parcel in question and the list of abutters which you provide will be researched.  Should you require information extending beyond the direct abutters, another assessment must be requested.

        If you have any questions concerning these procedures or requirements, please contact Michael Borowiec at (508) 393-1540.