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Ambulance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: If I am transported by the Northborough Fire Department ambulance, to whom should I submit my insurance information?

A: Please call our billing agent, Comstar Ambulance Billing Service at 800-488-4351, or you may provide them with your insurance information by completing the form on their web site at

Q: Where do I pay the ambulance bill?
A: In most instances, the billing is done through your insurance company. ~On occasion, you may be billed directly, and payment should be made according to the directions on the invoice.

Q: How is payment made?  

 A: If you are insured, our billing agent (Comstar) will work with your health insurance provider and process all necessary claims.  Any balances due will be invoiced to you directly.  If you are uninsured, Comstar will bill you directly, and payment should be made according to the directions on the invoice.  If necessary, a payment plan may be arranged with our billing agent.

Q: What will happen if I do not have insurance?  

 A: No patient will ever be denied or refused medical assistance or transport due to a lack of insurance.  Any patient who has difficulty paying the bill for ambulance transportation services should contact our billing agent, Comstar Ambulance Billing Service, at 800-488-4351 to set up a payment plan.  

Q:  What happens if I call 911 and don't need to be transported?  Will I be billed?  

A:  No.  We bill only if we transport you.  You will, however, be required to sign a refusal of care form, releasing all Emergency Medical providers from any liability arising from your refusal to go to the hospital.  

Q: How do I get a copy of an ambulance run report?

A: Ambulance run reports may be requested through the Northborough Fire Department’s Administrative Office.  This information should be requested in person with a picture ID or in writing.
Ambulance reports can only be requested by the person involved in the incident, by the legal guardian (with proof of guardianship), by the parent or legal guardian of a minor, by an insurance company or attorney, or by subpoena.  A medical release form (signed by the patient or guardian) must accompany any written requests for records.

Q:  Why does my ambulance billing statement come from Comstar?

A: Ambulance billing has become a very complex process.  Submissions to Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies, and self-paying customers require special software and expertise that are very complicated.  Comstar Ambulance Billing Service has been selected through the bidding process to provide an efficient and cost effective method to handle all of our billing issues.  

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