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Welcome to Northborough, Massachusetts
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Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 12:00 PM
Cost: $3 • Instructor: Rebecca Reber
The benefits of yoga are amazing including greater flexibility, balance, strength along
with calming the mind and relaxation. This class begins with a meditation and gentle
warm-up to an easy flow of postures in which choices will be given depending on experience
level and then ending in a final relaxation or Savasana. Rebecca has been practicing
yoga for over 15 years. She received her 200 certification three years ago and teaches at
local COA. To find out more about her please visit

WALKING CLUB          
Thursdays  -   April 18 thru June 13                                   422019_60832_1.png
Time:  10:00 AM
Cost:  Free
Leader:  Forest Lyford
All are welcome
Welcome back! The Walking Club will begin hikes on Thursday, April 18, and
will continue every Thursday until June 13.  The theme this Spring is "Still Waters."
We will be walking near lakes and ponds in and near Northborough.  Hikers leave from
the Senior Center at 10:00 A.M on Thursdays.   Hikes are free and open to all.

Day: Thursdays • Time: 2:00 PM • Cost: $3
Instructor: Rebecca Reber
Rebecca has been teaching this class on Tuesday. It’s now held on Thursdays. It’s the same great class, just a different day! Stretching is one of the most neglected health components. This class will use props- blocks and straps - along with a variety of stretching methods to improve flexibility, range of motion, promote circulation and improve strength and flexibility.
All are welcome!

CARDIO & WEIGHTS   -    New Class
Day: Thursdays starting April 11
Time: 10:45 to 11:30 AM • Cost: $3                                   422019_60533_0.png
Instructor: Sharon McDevitt
This 45 minute class works your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) with a low impact aerobic workout. The introduction of weight/strength training, builds strength and speeds up metabolism so you can burn more calories at rest as well as tone and sculpt muscles.
Class ends with core strengthening exercises and a relaxing cooldown and stretch. All participants are urged to work at their own intensity levels. Please let the instructor know
if you have any orthopedic issues which need to beaddressed or modified.

Day/Dates:  Mondays and Wednesdays         
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM • Cost: $3/class
Instructor:  Diane Ginsberg

Day: Tuesday's      
Time: 6:30 PM • Cost: $3/class
Instructor: Rebecca Reber
Rebecca Reber has been practicing yoga for about 15 years. In this class you will stretch, twist and lengthen your bodies through a series of easy to follow repetitive movements.  Rebecca will combine this with our inhales and exhales as we work with props to get the most out of every movement. The hour session will end in a relaxing Savasana.  This class is for beginners to more experienced yogis. Come and have fun while enjoying the benefits of movement.

Strength Training
Days: Every Monday & Wednesday
Time: 9:00-10:00 am
Cost: $3.00 per class
Instructor: Linda Bonazzoli
Make the most of your workout with this fun and active class.  You’ll begin with a warm-up and ease into strength training with weights. The class incorporates aerobics and stretching as well. Linda has been an  instructor at the Senior Center for 15+ years. This class is adaptable to all capabilities so plan on checking it out soon.

Day: Every Friday       
Time: 10:15 AM • Cost: $3
Instructor:     Sharon McDevitt
This 45 minute class will consist of mat based stretches for the entire body. If you find you sit a lot, have a weak lower back or neck/shoulder soreness, this is the class for you.  My goal for you is to have you become more flexible, strengthen your lower back and abdominals and rid yourself of neck and shoulder pain.

Monday's and Thursday's
Time: 1:00 PM
Cost:  $3.00 per class
Instructor: Mary Abate
Pre-registration required
If you’ve always wanted to try Zumba, now is your chance. This easy-to-follow program allows anyone any age or either sex to be able to perform the Zumba Gold dance moves to upbeat and fun music. Join us  and let the party begin!

YOGA WITH NANCY    (on haitius until Spring)
Day: Every Tuesday
Time:  2:00-3:00pm
Cost: $3.00 per class
Instructor: Nancy Cimato
Nancy Cimato is a seasoned Yoga Instructor who has taught her ever popular Yoga Class at the Senior Center for several years. Get the benefits of gentle exercise that benefits both body and soul. Nancy’s classes are open to both the beginner and experienced Yoga student. Her gentle spirit and easy teaching style will make your Tuesday afternoons.  

Days: Tuesdays
Time:  10:00 AM
Cost:  $3.00 per class
Instructor:  Mary Dragon
Line dancing is a fun way to exercise, reduce your stress and increase your energy. This class is an upper beginner class. Popular and classic line dances are put to all different types of music. You are welcome to sit in on a class and see if this is for you. Let’s Get Dancin’!

Day:  Every Wednesday
Time:  10:30 - 11:45 AM                 
Cost:  $3.00
Instructor:  Yumping Hu
Come and learn Traditional Chinese Yang Style Tai Chi, the most popular and relaxing Tai Chi style.  Both beginners and experienced Tai Chi practitioners are welcome. The forms to be taught include Tai Chi 8 Form, 16 Form and 24 Form.

Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 9:30 – 10:15 AM
Cost: $3/class
Instructor: Helen Morin
Pre-Registration Required
Tai Chi for Arthritis is based on studies from the Arthritis Foundation that show people with Arthritis should  only move their joints gently through the range of motion. Exercises should minimize stress on the joints, they should be performed with a slow steady rhythm, without bouncing. People with arthritis are encouraged to listen to their bodies and not overdo it.  Sun style ( pronounced sung) is especially appropriate for people with Arthritis because agile steps characterize it, whenever you step forward or backward you almost always follow through  with the other foot. This forward and backward motion improves mobility, which is one of the most important objectives for helping people with arthritis.  We also do Qigong movements, which help with breathing and relaxation. Qigong is particularly effective for healing and repairing cartilage , inflamed joints and tendons.  

So come join us for this class and bring a friend.

Days: Tuesday's
Time: 10:45 AM - 12:00 noon
Cost: $3.00 per class
Instructor: Rev. Helen J. Morin
The class is a blend of a brief meditation, Qi gong to improve focus increase energy and stimulate blood flow. Ancient Shaolin Temple exercises to warm up (all low impact.)  Gentle step by step learning of the T’ai Chi form followed by more breathing exercises and a brief dialogue. The class is one hour in length and you will burn approximately 300 calories in a gentle flowing manner. ”meditation in motion”, is what many people call T’ai Chi, a free flowing, ballet like moves to calm your mind, body and spirit. Your instructor, Helen Morin is a professional photographer, who took up T’ai Chi for stress relief and to improve her bodys balance. What she got was beyond her expectations and she fell in love with the form.

Dates:  Every Friday
Time: 8:30 – 9:30  AM • Cost: $3/class
Instructor: Rev. Helen Morin
Come learn this wonderful ancient art of Villaris Studio’s modified Yang Style Tai Chi.  This form consists of meditation, Qi Gong,  Taoist Yoga, and Tai Chi. In this class we will also be performing traditional Yang style. So come on in and learn two wonderful Tai Chi styles-one modified and one traditional Chinese style. We will all benefit from this sharing process.

Day: Thursdays
Time:10:00 AM
Instructor: Gypsy Phillips
Cost: $3.00/class
Shimmy your way to a new figure while having fun at the same time.  Come join in the fun and Gypsy will show you the fine art of belly dancing.  

Day:     Mondays, Thursdays Friday    (12:00-3:30 PM)
           Town Hall - 63 MainStreet,  Northborough   
If you're an active senior looking for a fast paced activity, come learn one of the fastest growing games in America. It is a combination of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis. We use a whiffle-type ball and a paddle about 3 times the size of a ping-pong paddle. It can be very competitive or just very social. Please call Bob Savage at  508-393-9792 if you have any  questions.

Day/Time: Tuesdays at 12:00 PM and Thursdays at 2:15 PM
Cost: Free
We have an active group that play on Tuesday afternoons. If you’d like to use the Ping Pong table at another time, please ask at the front desk to check on availability.


Northborough Town Hall  63 Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532
Hours -- Mon, Wed, Thu 8am-4pm  Tue 8am-7pm  Fri 7am-12pm